3+ Bauer, ledig, sucht...

Heart-warming new love stories from the countryside, on 3+ from summer 2019 onwards

You can even find true love on TV, as demonstrated by the successful dating show BAUER, LEDIG, SUCHT [Farmer Wants a Wife]... It has a phenomenal success rate: thanks to the TV show, wedding bells have rung 18 times, 23 babies have been brought into the world, and a host of happy couples have been paired up.

These iconic farmers have been winning over TV viewers for more than 10 years. Now it’s time for the show’s 15th season – which has just as much flair.

Of course, this season sees the return of host Marco Fritsche, along with his charming copresenter Christa Rigozzi. All the information about the farmers on the new season is available here:



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