Brauerei Unser Bier AG


Unser Bier all started in a spaghetti pan

One Saturday morning, sometime in the last century, a few budding home brewers decided to brew 18 litres of beer in a spaghetti pan. The brewing process was so exhilarating and the resulting beer was so successful that demand for more beer soon arose. This led to the idea to hold a show all about home brewing beer at Muba 97. The response to the show, where beer was brewed at three small brewing stations every day, was overwhelmingly positive, and eventually resulted in the idea of starting a brewery – and the rest soon followed.

Today, the small brewery Unser Bier is (sadly) the largest brewery in the Basel area. After 11 years, it reached full capacity at its location on Laufenstrasse and moved to Gundeldinger Feld (previously known as Sulzer-Burckhardt-Areal). At the beginning of March 2010, the brewery purchased a larger brewing plant, additional fermentation and storage tanks and a new bottle washing and filling facility. Unser Bier is now the only larger brewery in Basel that brews and bottles all its beer in Basel.

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